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DEDICATED TO RURAL OREGON: I am passionate and committed to working for all rural Oregonians. In my work and life, I learned the value of sitting down and taking the time to understand each other. I believe many of us in District 30 have a lot more in common than we realize. We can find solutions by working together, and tackle tough issues successfully.


STEWARDING THE LAND: My family and tribe raised me to understand our responsibility for the land. I care deeply about Oregon’s waters, forests, and wildlife. 

RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP: The three years I spent as a Warm Springs Tribal Councilor, responsible for overseeing a sovereign nation, gave me useful knowledge of how government works as well as skill in finding solutions even under difficult circumstances.

BUILDING CARING COMMUNITIES: We owe it to our ancestors to be the best people we can be, which means building strong relationships with every person and caring about the well-being of everyone in our community. I was raised on the Warm Springs Reservation, and I am now raising my son here, now more than ever it’s important we all start to build stronger connections and uplift voices that have often been silent or silenced. 

 I hope to earn your vote for Senate District 30



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