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I am passionate and committed to working for all rural Oregonians. My various careers and experiences have taught me the importance of sitting down and taking the time to understand each other. I believe many of us in district 30 have a lot more in common than we realize, we just all look at the world with our own lived experiences. Finding solutions and working together, while also addressing some of the things that can be difficult topics is all a part of important relationship building and there are ways to do both.


A responsibility to steward the land was instilled in me using traditional teachings, I care deeply about Oregon, the water, the forests, and wildlife and will show up to do a difficult job no matter what the circumstances are. My experience as a Tribal Council representative for Warm Springs strengthened my understanding of issues all rural Oregonians share. The three years I spent as a tribal representative of a sovereign nation has given me indispensable knowledge and the ability to navigate solutions under difficult circumstances.

I believe we all owe it to our ancestors to be the best people we can be, which means building strong relationships with every person, and caring about the well-being of every human in our community. I was raised on the Warm Springs reservation, and I am now raising my son here, now more than ever it’s important we all start to build stronger connections and uplift traditionally marginalized voices that have often been silent, or silenced in our district. I hope to speak to many of you directly as we travel through the district during this next year.



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