Carina’s Platform For 2020

Carina Miller was raised in a family whose legacy of leadership and service – is tied to place - in Central & Eastern Oregon, the Columbia River, and the High Plateau. Her great grandfather, Grant Waheneka, served as chairman of the Warm Springs Tribal Council, following a military career that included involvement with the early days of NASA, contributing to the first astronaut manual. Her grandfather, Sid Miller, was an Army veteran and lifelong rancher, who was the first editor of Warm Springs newspaper. Miller’s grandmother Faye Waheneka was well known as the charming manager of the Warm Springs information center for many years.


Her family taught Carina the importance of doing the hard work – in tackling tough issues. They instilled the importance of using traditional knowledge and know-how - to benefit all people in all our communities. Carina Miller believes we owe it to our ancestors to be the best versions of ourselves we can be, and that means collaborating with and caring for every living person on this earth regardless of personal beliefs, history or friction. It’s getting to know one another and working together that will advance the needs of our rural communities in District 30.

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